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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gross Week @ FCPL

I have been excited for this summer's STEAM theme for MONTHS! This week at FCPL, we focused on the gross, the macabre, the icky stuff of life. It has been AWESOME!

During our Afterhours Mad Scientist program on Tuesday, we made slime baskets, snot snack surprise, and wiggly worms.

A certain person forgot their measuring spoons at home, so the amount of borax wasn't as exact as it should have been. The second batch we made turned out more slimy! 

On Thursday as Drop-In Activities, we made mad science Things in a Jar! This was fun and I ran out of jars VERY quickly! I have made the executive decision to do this program again on July 10. It was so popular and so icky! :)

Don't you just LOVE THIS?!

In addition to these programs, we also had the microscopes, how many drops of water fit on a penny, mad scientist dress-up, and gross books available during open hours. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Camping Storytime June 18

Come try out our microscopes!

We have brand new hello and good-bye songs! It was great to have our storytime kiddos in the Library again... my Wednesdays just were not the same without them!

Hello Song: 

Let everyone clap hands like me.
Let everyone clap hands like me.
Come on and join into the game.
You'll find that it's always the same.

Let everyone wiggle like me.

Let everyone sing out like me.

Let everyone open books like me.

Let everyone sit down like me.

Book: Olivia Goes Camping

Song to dance around to: Boatman's Dance on "Can You Canoe" by The Okee Dokee Brothers

Book: I Can Go Camping by Edana Eckart

Movement activity:
I can sleep in a tent (make triangle)
I can cook over a fire (fizzles noises and wiggle)
And I can travel by car tire.  (roll arms)

I love to camp (hug self)
And stay up til dark (stretch up)
To watch the stars (point up)
And the fire spark (fizzle and wiggle)

I can swim in a lake (swim)
I can take a hike (walk in place)
I can look for animals (look around)
And I can ride my bike (hold handlebars)

I love to camp (hug self)
And stay up til dark (stretch up)
To watch the stars (point up)
And the fire spark. (fizzle and wiggle)

Book: Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watts

Poem: Two Voice in a Tent at Night from Toasting Marshmallows by Kristine O'Connell George (an volunteer who can read was needed)

Goodbye Song (mostly by Jim Gill - i added another verse):
We clap our hands when we get together.
Clap our hands to celebrate.
We clap our hands when we get together.
My friends and I can hardly wait....

To stamp our feet....

To bounce up and down...

We wave goodbye when we're done together,
Wave goodbye until next time.
We wave goodbye when we're done together.
Wave goodbye until next time.

I Am a Bubble and bubbles

Next storytimes: June 24 at 2:30 at Tiny Tots - That's Gross
June 25 at 9:30am in the Library - In the Treetops

Monday, June 16, 2014

Slime the Librarian!

Bring your kids to Fall Creek Public Library to pick up your Summer Library Program information. Book Write-Ups are available with this information. 

Our 2014 SLP runs June 14 - July 31 for ages 0 - 18.