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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dogs Storytime

***Forgive me for there are no pictures today!***

Sign of the day: Dog
Hello Song
Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates
Song: B I N G O w/ felt letters on the feltboard
10 Little Hot Dogs by John Himmelman
Using a die cut machine, I cut out 20 dogs and made them unique. Numbers 1-20 are on the dogs. We practiced counting to 20 with the dogs.
Be Gentle with the Dog, Dear by Matthew J. Black
Using Dog's Colorful Day, by Emma Dodd, i drew up a two sided dog. The children helped tell the story by drawing the different colored spots on Dog as I told the story. After bathtime, I turned Dog over to reveal his clean side.
Then I passed out dog masks for them to take home and decorate. Using the masks, we dance to David's Dancing Dog.
Goodbye Songs: Big Books, Little Books AND The Other Day I Read A Book

Next Week: Alphabet Soup - I have a craft planned!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homeschool Club in the News

Our Homeschool Club met for the first time yesterday at 1:30pm.

First we got to know the Library a little better. In two groups, the children were given a sheet of photographed items located in the Library, a marker, and a camera. Both groups were sent off to find the items, take a picture of it, and cross it off the sheet.

The children in attendance participated in get to know you games called "have you ever" and a modified version of hot potato. The games were highly energizing and we now know who are our basketball fans, who is extra giggly, and who has never lived on a farm.

I gave each child and parent a survey. The children let me know what they are interested in doing during our Club meetings and what things they could really care less about. These surveys will help me plan exciting activities for the Club.

In addition to our activities, we had two guests: a tv reporter and cameraman! Check out their interview here:

If you are interested in our brand new Homeschool Club, please contact Jenna at or 715.877.3334. I will e-mail the surveys to you. I can also leave surveys at the Circulation Desk -  just ask :)

We meet the 3rd Monday of the month at 1:30pm. If interest increases we can add an additional day and time. Do let me know if this appeals to you.

Next month we'll focus on learning about Spring through art and science!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parents' Night Out

Last night we gave parents a date night while and had our own kid-friendly party in the Library! We played games, ignored the Wii (!!!!), painted, made parent gifts, and instead of making sewn Valentine Cards....PUFF BALLS!

Thanks to the kids for being great listeners and making me laugh. Note: The kids told me I have to re-take math because I kept messing up the mats during Musical Mats!
 Mustache and Lips Suckers!

We made coffee holders for the parents.
 The intricate art of yarn puffballs.
We tossed yarn around for awhile :)

If you missed out on this Parents' Night Out, we plan to offer another one in May, June, or July.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Family Storytime

This post is regarding our February 1st Storytime. Pardons for the delay - between the Silent Auction and being sick for a week, I'm a bit behind on updating the setlists!

Hello Song
Counting Rope
Sign of the day: Family
Whoever They Are by Mem Fox

My Mother is a Baker by Dr. Jean. I used clip art photos to go along with the song. We did it twice so kids could remember the sounds better.

Do Princesses Scrape their Knees? by Carmela LaVigne Coyle

I Love My Family When Song - this we acted out with the puppet
I love my family when they give me a hug, give me a hug, give me a hug. I love my family when they give me a hug. My family makes me happy.
When they tickle my tummy. My family makes me laugh.
When they dry my tears. My family helps me feel better.
When they listen with their ears. My family listens to me.
When they sit next to me. My family loves me.

Then we read two books by Debbie Bailey:


A Wish for You by Debbie Novac

Then we danced and played instruments to Mama Hug by Brady Rymer

Sign of the day review
Goodbye Songs

February 8 was supposed to have the theme "Be Nice" however germs were not good to me and we had to cancel storytime. Stories planned were Clifford's Manners by Normal Bridwell, Bad Good Manners Book by Babette Cole, The I Love You Book by Todd Parr, and Good Manners in Public by Katie Marsico.

This week: Be Healthy (how fitting, right?)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Silent Auction Highest Bidders

Many thanks to the following people who placed the highest bids on our Silent Auction items:

Eau Claire Crush Season Passes and Autographed 2008 Packer Team Football
 Wisconsin Teams Gift Basket and For the Baby Gift Basket
Super Bowl Party Treats Basket

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silent Auction Results

Many, many thanks to all who participated in our Pre-Super Bowl Silent Auction! We also want to thank our sponsors: Action City, Eau Claire Crush, Fall Creek Korner Store, Len Madsen, Scheels, and anonymous donors.

After a week-long battle of the bids, we raised over $115.00! All proceeds will go directly to programming and services provided by the Fall Creek Public Library.

We will post highest bidders' names and photos after all items have been claimed. Please check back soon!

Again, thank you for supporting Fall Creek Public Library....and enjoy that Super Bowl (even without the Packers).