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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Children's Area Updates

Do you know the stories behind our former murals in the children's area? The Friends of Fall Creek Public Library came up with the idea for the paintings about 10 years ago. Working with a foreign exchange student and school staff, Clifford was painted.

Clifford the Big Red Dog, painted by a foreign exchange student 10 years ago
Michelle Kuehn and Karen Strasburg worked together to paint the caterpillars.

Warm Up to Books, painted by Michelle & Karen 10 years ago
But now it is time to say a loving goodbye and thanks for the long run to both Clifford and the caterpillars. Fall Creek Public Library strives to not just update our Library's materials and programming. We are also working towards a more usable space for staff, volunteers, and most importantly our patrons.

In place of Clifford, you will now see a blanker wall. With help from Michael Turner (Jenna's husband), the wall now boasts a clean color complete with a white board. The wall is usable for rotating displays, artwork done in the library by youth, and is white enough for us to project movies onto for your viewing entertainment. For a list of this summer's family movies, visit our website.

Throughout the summer, we will be replacing the caterpillars with another clean wall with bulletin board strips in order to display signs, program announcements, and neat things children have done in the Library.

We give our heartfelt thanks to all former and current volunteers who have appreciated our Library and have given their time, energy, and passion to maintaining a thoughtful and well-kept physical and emotional environments.

We could not do it without you.

Getting the primer on

First coat of primer!

First coat of eggshell white - Thanks, Mike!

Mike working hard and not getting paint anywhere except the walls!

Finished product: white wall with whiteboard paint
Current Display: Wall of Fame - bring in those comics you made and we will display them here!
Jenna's hero: her Grandma Mary Gilles

Jenna also (finally) finished painting the Young Adult Area sign!