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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Police Officers Storytime

We had an awesome guest today from the Fall Creek Police Department: Corie Zimmerman.

Good Morning Song

Book: The Police Cloud

Song: Beanbag Dance with bean bags

Visit with Corie! She showed us her belt, talked about what she does in the community, answered questions, then showed us her vehicle. She even handcuffed me... and the kids didn't want to let me out of them!!!

Next Week: The Wonder of Water

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reader's Advisory & Locator Sticks

New to our juvenile section: locator sticks!

In a rush? Want to know what's popular? Need help finding your next book?

If Jenna is not available or you are in a huge hurry or are just curious - use our locator sticks to help you find the some of the most popular series and authors in our chapter book collection. Each stick has a picture of the author or the series on one side and on the other side a list of other similar books, series, and authors that you might enjoy.

Come in to see them soon!