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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Storytime April 17 & April 24

For time's sake, there are no photos of the books today. Sorry :(

April 17: Community Helpers

Hello, How are You? by Dr. Jean

Book: Librarians at Work - This is a long book, so I paraphrased it and ask the children questions about the pictures.

Next we listened to the song 'People in Or Neighborhood' on Kimbo's CD. We borrowed the Community Helpers bin from Amery, which included numerous community helpers puppets.

Book: What Does a Dentist Do? by Heather Miller (Again, did some paraphrasing.)

Song: Dentist (I didn't save the document and threw the printed copy away! oops!)

Book: I Stink! By Kate & Jim McMullan

Book: All Through My Town by Jean Reidy

Action Poem: I'm a Firefighter
I'm a firefighter.
Here's my hose.
I put out fires
As everyone knows.
When I see a fire
I douse it out.
"Thank you! Thank you!"
People shout.

Then we did a guessing game on the feltboard using colored, cutout, and laminated community helper pictures from The Mailbox.

Goodbye Songs.

I left out the community helpers guessing game and the puppets for everyone to play with after storytime.


Song: Hello, How are You?

Book: Pigs on the Farm by Mari C. Schuh

Felt: Dirty Pigs
5 pigs so squeaky clean.
Cleanest pigs you've ever seen,
Wanted to go outside and play IN THE MUD!
1 jumped into the mud,
Landed with a great big THUD.
Now there are 4 pigs squeaky clean.

Book: Are You Ready to Play Outside? by Mo Willems

Song: Four Jolly Pink Pigs on CD Animal Songs by Susie Tallman - we listened to the action words and used shakers.

Book: Boo! by Colin McNaughton We shouted "BOO!" together.

Book: I read part of Mercy Watson: Something Wonky this Way Comes by Kate DiCamillo

Then we watched Robert Munsch's Pigs on Tumblebooks.

We ran out of time for Peaceful Piggy Yoga by Kerry Lee MacLean

Goodbye Songs

Next week: Jump Around! We'll use lots of instruments and play quite a few action games!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Homeschool Club April 18 - National Poem in Your Pocket Day

We were poets today! We watched a  few animated poems on YouTube and then read aloud some Shel Silverstein and others. We talked about poems and then made some group poems using inspiration from  Prelutsky's Rhymes to Read, Rhymes to Write.

Then we took turns writing poems about our pants and stuff on our faces! There were some major giggles!

Then we wrote individual poems:

Color Poems

Picture Poems

Picture Poems

Drawing and writing while listening to music

Getting a little help from Mom :)

We meet next on May 23 at 1:30pm! Pre-registration is requested but not required :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2nd Annual Puppet Show

What a hit! Thanks to all who helped make this year's puppet show a hit: our puppeteers Erin, Emily, and Aidan; the Library staff and volunteers; the community for helping spread the word and attending; the kids for being excited and participating during the show; parents and grandparents for getting their families to the Village Hall; and the many libraries who let us borrow their puppets for a few weeks.

The show consisted of a few puppet-only skits, audience participation songs, familiar songs done differently, dancing, instruments, and coloring personal dinosaur puppets to take home. Each child also went home with a felt puppet to decorate. 

Enjoy the photos and be sure to come next year!

Puppeteer Aidan relaxing before the show

Watching the puppets

Parley Garfield going around the crick

Puppeteers Emily and Erin showing off puppets

Coloring dinosaur stick puppets

LEGO Design Contest voting after the show

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Indoor Yard Sale Success

Many thanks to all volunteers, staff, donors, bakers,

and buyers at our first Indoor Yard Sale! We still have a few items left. The aloe plants, see below, are available in the Library. An E-Bay account will be made for the Simpsons and Precious Moments figurine collectibles. The rest will be donated to the Free Market held on April 27 in the Village Hall.

Thanks to your efforts, the Fall Creek Public Library raised close to $320.00 on Saturday!

Frog & Toad

(No, we didn't read any Frog & Toad books... oops!)

Hello, How Are You? by Dr. Jean

The Mud Fairy by Amy Young

Then we learned what "mimic" means. We listened to 6 different recordings of frogs and toads then mimicked their sounds. The animals we listened to are: bull frog, Fowler's Toad, American Toad, Eastern Spadefoot, Oak Toad, and Eastern Narrowmouth. I used the CD and book from Lang Elliot called The Calls of Frogs and Toads.

Then we watched two short videos of the Spring Peeper and the Mink Frog on R. Korb's DVD Calls of Wisconsin Frogs.

Then we danced and hopped around with wand ribbons to John Ondrasik's song The Hoppity Song.

Then we read The Croaky Pokey by Ethan Long.

Goodbye Songs:

It is Time to Say Goodbye to Our Friends

Wave your froggy tongues goodbye.
Wave your froggy feet goodbye.
Hop your froggy feet goodbye.
Wave your tadpole tails goodbye.
Wave your hands and say "goodbye."

NEXT WEEK: Community Helpers!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's A Mystery!

Today was great fun!

Hello, How are You?

Book: Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by Karen Beaumont

Song: Kangaroo on the CD Animal Alphabet Songs. We talked about the kangaroos in the previous story and brainstormed who else hops: frogs, bunnies, and balls! :) Then we danced like those animals (and a ball!).

Book: Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton

Song: My Little Kitty by Pete Seeger with ribbon wands

Book: Who Hops? by Katie Davis. The children were instructed to holler out at me when the book was trying to trick us. They followed directions quite well!

Book: Wolf's Coming! by Joe Kulka Whenever I read, "Wolf's coming!" the children howled like a wolf.

Song: Big Bad Wolf by Joel Caithamer. We didn't listen to the whole song, but they DID each get a wolf mask to dance with then take home to color.

Book: Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox

Goodbye Songs:
It is Time to Say Goodbye

Wave your claws goodbye. Wave your fangs goodbye. Wave your tails goodbye. Wave your fur goodbye. Wave your hands and say "Goodbye."

Next time: Frogs & Toads!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Indoor Yard Sale!


Fall Creek Village Hall
Saturday, April 6

Don't want to do the work of having a yard sale? Donate your items (in good repair) to FCPL and we will do all the work! Furniture, toys, games, pottery, and household items are needed. No clothing, please. All proceeds will go to the Library! 

Donations can be dropped off at the Library 3-6pm today through Friday, April 5. 

Questions or if you would like to volunteer, contact Alyson at 715.877.3334