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Monday, April 23, 2012

Community Clean Up a Trash Hit

On Sunday, April 22, 52 Fall Creek locals helped make their community a better, healthier place. This First Annual event showed participants the importance of their environment as well as how much trash is still being tossed road-side, in our parks, and near our waters.

A huge thanks goes to all organizations, businesses, and community members who donated their time, money, and support before and during the event. If not for everyone's help, more than 8 bags of trash and 4 bags of recyclables would still be blowing around Fall Creek.

Besides trash pick up, we also placed two bluebird houses, clean out and planted up a raised bed near the Fire Station, and clean out the trails behind Keller Park.

Jessica, Katrina, and Taylor helped clean up their town!

The Ross family was a huge help! They put up both bird houses.

It looks like they had too much fun cleaning out the flower bed and planting flowers!

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