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Friday, May 25, 2012

Grossology 103

Yesterday, the kiddos and I made a HUGE mess in the Library. It was basically awesome.

First, we talked about solids, liquids, and gasses. We thought up as many solids and liquids as we could. Then I asked them if they knew of anything that was both (one kid said puss!).

Then the mess began! Using our measuring skills (they are going to be excellent chefs, let me tell you!) and teamwork, we made one giant batch of Oobleck.

Punching our Oobleck
Oobleck in the Library!

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm put a damper on activities I had planned for outside. We were going to try throwing it, target practice with hula hoops, and see what would happen if we jumped on it. Silly rain! We still had loads of fun.

After the big batch, each kid made their own batch. They helped each other out and had a blast squeezing, punching, and poking their bags of Oobleck. If your child came home last night with a bag of Oobleck, I want to remind you that it can stick to stuff so keep it in the bag or pour into a bowl. After a few days, toss it out or it will get quite gross.

Look at that mess! 

After our activity, it was time to eat vomit. No, no, no....fake stuff. Using cheez whiz and salsa, the kids stirred it up until it looked a lot like vomit (it really did!). After heating it up for about 20 seconds, we devoured both batches with some chips!

What an excellent group of disgusting kids! :)

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