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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Polar Bear Day

Not only did we get to use our new carpet squares (thank you, Friends of the Library!!), but we continued our exploration of sea-related animals. I must have been on a sea and math kick when I planned out our storytimes for this month :)

Hello, How Are You? by Dr. Jean

Polar Bear Morning by Lauren Thompson

Polar Bear Poem (made up by your's truly)
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
Oh so tall.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
I see you crawl.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
I hear you growl (GRRRR!!!)
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
You can smell fowl.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
Eat your meat.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
Sun is a treat.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
Splash in a wave.
Polar Bear, Polar Bear,
Sleep in a cave.

Bear Play by Miela Ford

Bear Went Over the Mountain by Dr. Jean

Baby Polar Bear by Yannick Murphy

Then we talked about how tall Polar Bears are at their shoulder when they walk on all fours and how tall they are when they stand on their hind feet.

We measured ourselves against a large piece of paper up on the wall that is 6 foot 6, the average height of a polar bear when he is on his hind feet.

And guess what? I am about the same height as a polar bear standing on all fours: 5 foot 3.

A few children and adults were a bit too shy to be measured, but that is quite okay! They still were able to see how tall a polar bear is :)

Then we danced with scarves as we listened to Aurora Borealis on the CD La Bella Stella.

Goodbye songs: It is Time to say Goodbye
Wave your paws goodbye.
Wave your bottom paws goodbye.
Wave your whiskers goodbye.
Wave your tail goodbye.
Wave your fur and say "goodbye!"

Next week, March 6, we will explore mystery stories!

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