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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storytime Is Back with a ROAR!

Our summer edition of storytime began today with I Dig Dinosaurs!

Hello, How Are You? by Dr. Jean

A dino lies under the surface
A dino lies under the sands
A dino lies under the surface
So let's dig it up with our hands.
Dig up, dig up, dig up this dino with me, with me.
Dig up, di up, oh dig up this dino with me.

Dinosaur Vs. the Library by Bob Shea - we all roared together!

Inside Outside Dinosaurs by Roxie Munro

With instruments and dancing, we listened to Joanie Bartel's song"Dinosaur Rock n Roll" on the CD Dancin' Magic

Chorale Reading Selection: Dinosaur Roar! by Paul and Henrietta Stickland

Game: One Dinosaur Went Out to Play - we sang the song and parents/children took turns with a dinosaur puppet in the middle of the circle. Excellent sharing and patience today!
One dinosaur went out to play
Upon a grassy hill one day
(S)He had such enormous fun
That (s)he called for another dinosaur to come.
(stomping feet)

After everyone had a turn:
All the dinosaurs went out to play
upon a grassy hill one day
They had such enormous fun
and, tired, they laid down in the sun.

Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp by Margaret Mayo

Repeat the first fingerplay

Then we read a few selections from Robert Weinstock's Can You Dig It

Next week, our theme is I Dig Getting Dirty! Come join us!

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