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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Dig Up, Down, All Around

We had a smaller crowd yesterday, probably due to the amazing weather and the fact that I had been out ill for a few days. But we still had fun and even had some new faces!

Hello, How are You? Welcome Song

Scarlette Beane by Karen Wallace

Then we played a few parachute games as we listened to Tom Pease's song Turn the World Around.

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens

Song Corn, Beans, & Squash on the CD Pickin & Grinnin by Music for Little People. I passed out photos of corn, beans, and squash and we danced around.

Subway by Anastasia Suen

We ran out of time for Find Rain Forest Animals: Up, Down, Around by Janice Behrens. (Sorry, Ms Behrens.)

We finished up with the poem Skies and Seas by Amy LV and it can be found here. I split it up into a two person poem and called for an adult volunteer to help me read it aloud. The highlighted and underlined sections denote who read which section, with some parts being read by both people.

Skies and Seas

A boat and an airplane fell in love
From afar and away and afar
but the boat couldn't fly
and the plane couldn't swim so
They stayed where they were they are.

The plane looked down
And the boat looked up
Writing love letters on the blue
In wisps of white and watery waves.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

Minutes months and decades passed.
They grew old in love and apart.
The plane swam skies.
The boat flew seas.
Each with a broken heart.

Next Wednesday is our final Storytime until our Storytime with Teachers on August 21 and 28. Join us July 31 for I Dig for Treasure as we read about pirates, treasure, and more! Each child will be able to participate in a scavenger hunt and go home with a special surprise as a thank you for an amazing session of Storytime. We had records numbers at storytime all summer and we hope to see you during the school year as much as possible!

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