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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Get Out the Vote Library Style!

Our 2013 ballots were sent to the schools today! Children K-12 should drop their ballots off at the Library by 6pm on November 5th. Let your voice be heard and earn a free pizza and ice cream party for your whole entire grade!

The ballot box is located near the Children DVDs and Jenna's desk, in the back of the Library. Be sure to pick up your treat (only when Jenna is in the Library) or free bookmark just for dropping off that ballot of yours!

Questions on this year's ballot differ by age group and may include:
-Vote for one favorite pizza topping.
-What is your favorite thing about Fall Creek Public Library?
-Circle two things you wish the Fall Creek Public Library offered.
-Vote for two items you would like to see available at the Fall Creek Public Library.
-What is your favorite children's book?
-What is your favorite movie that came out in 2013?
-What is your favorite animal?
-If you could, how often would you come to the Fall Creek Public Library.

Happy Voting!

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