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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Soup Storytime - November 5

A whole storytime about soup?! Yup. If I had it my way, everyone would have gone home with a bucket of my mom's homemade pea or chicken dumpling soup... And sorry about the sideways photo...

Welcome Song

Book: Tiger in My Soup

Song: I Know A Chicken by Laurie Berkner with shaker eggs

Book: Stone Soup

Song that I made up this morning because I realized my pre-planned felt activity was not exactly finished (oops):

Find a pot of water (make arms into large pot)
Add the water (pretend to pour water and make water-y noises)
Boil boil boil (wiggle arms, body)
Drop in the veggies (drop to the ground)
Measure in spices (throwing motion)
Now stir..... (spin in circle or make stirring motion with arms)
And wait (STOP! HOLD STILL!)
And stir......
And wait
(repeat for a while)
And EAT!! (eating motions and noises)

Book: A Soup Opera

Goodbye Song and Bubbles

After storytime, we played with that floam stuff.

Next week: Rivers!

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