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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mice Are Nice Storytime - April 1

No April Fools today... just some cute little mice.

Good Morning Song

Book: I Miss You Mouse by Greg Foley

Felt/Fingerplay: 10 Little Mice

Book: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Song: The Old Gray Cat (from Very Ready Reading Program manual)
The old gray cat is sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.
The old gray cat is sleeping in the house.
The little mice are creeping, creeping, creeping.
The little mice are creeping through the house.
The old gray cat is waking, waking, waking.
The old gray cat is waking in the house.
The old gray cat is chasing, chasing, chasing.
The old gray cat is chasing through the house.
All the mice are squealing, squealing, squealing.
All the mice are squealing through the house.

Felt story: Adapted from Little Mouse's Big Secret - I handed out the animals (except the mouse) and then I told the story. The children quickly caught on to "It's my secret and I'll never tell."

Book: Mouse Paint

Song: 3 White Mice (also from Very Ready Reading Program Manual)
(tune of 3 Blind Mice)
3 white mice, 3 white mic,
See how they dance, see how they dance.
They danced around for the farmer's wife.
Who played for them on a silver fife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life
As 3 white mice?

Goodbye Songs and Bubbles.

For storytime, I left Little Mouse's Big Secret out. We also did chalk+water drawing. I also made felt play of Mouse Count - 10 mice, a snake, and a cup as props that they could play with and tell the story with their caregivers.

 Next Week: Feelings!

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