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Friday, September 2, 2011

Falling Into Books

We are pleased to announce Falling into Books, a special new reading promotion just for Storytime and LMNOPlaying youth in PreK-2nd grade! Attend any Storytime or LMNOPlaying program to learn more about how you can help your child keep track of how many books they read or are read to at home, in the car, at the store, in the Library, at the beach...

Each child will be given a Falling into Books sheet with leaves to color and easy directions. Fill up the Falling into Books sheet and bring it back to the Library! New Falling into Books sheets will only be given out at Storytime on Wednesdays 9:30am and LMNOPlaying 2 Mondays a month at 7pm!

Once the group reaches 100 BOOKS, all participants in Falling into Books will be invited to a Fall Harvest Party (date to be determined as we reach the 100 book mark!)

This reading promotion will continue after each new goal is reached, the theme changing periodically.

I look forward to hearing about all the books being read out there! Let's all fall into books!

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