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Friday, August 3, 2012

August 1: Things that Go Bump in the Night

Our storytime today focused on many different sounds that we might not know.

Welcome Song: Hello, How are You? by Dr. Jean

Floop in the Dark by Carole Tremblay

Full Moon Walk by Brady Rymer on his CD Every Day is a Birthday - we used shakers

Eak! Creek! by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Monster Under the Bed Poem
Monster, monster under the bed
(cup hands around mouth and shout) You should go somewhere else instead!
(shake finger) Go, Monster, go!
(stamp feet slowly) Go, monster, go!
(stamp faster and louder) Go, Monster, go!
(faster! louder!) Go, Monster, goooo!

The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson

Game: Shadow Guessing Game. I printed out pictures of different objects (football, lamp, slide, kitty, hammer, potted plant, etc.) and cut out their shadows. The kids guessed what they thought the shadows were and then I showed them the real picture. They did REALLY well!

Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson

We then sang "Sally Go Round the Sun: again. I had the lights turned off in one section of the library and set up a glowstick sun/moon. We did the song and went around the sun/moon. Afterwards, each child was able to take home a glowstick.

Next week: Your well-earned Storytime Party! Plan to be here a little longer than a typical storytime for an extra game and snack!

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