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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Reading Program Come and Gone...

With 898 hours read since June 4, Fall Creek area youth shot for moon and grabbed onto the stars! 59 youth ages birth-18 actively participated in Fall Creek Public Library’s annual Summer Reading Program. By reading and recording how many hours they read or were read to, children and teens earned prizes purchased by the Library and donated by local community members and businesses.

Youth were also able to forego prizes and instead have money donated in their name to Beaver Creek Reserve Observatory. “We want to encourage kids to think about others in their community. By offering this choice, children can see how their actions positively benefit others,” said Youth Programs Coordinator, Jenna Gilles. A total of $50.00 will be donated to Beaver Creek Reserve Observatory for Kael, Aiden, and Allie Sanfelippo and Brian, Megan, and Katie Johnston. Thank you, friends, for thinking of BCR :)

This summer’s Top Readers read 504 hours, which is over half the total hours read by all participants!  Top Readers are: 
In Birth - 4K group: Eliana P with 57 hours.
In Kindergarten-11 group: Kael S. with 46 hours, Aiden S. with 104 hours, and Olivia F. with 167 hours. 
In our eldest age group: Mayachel S. with 23 hours, Sophie K. with 51 hours, and Jamie P. with 56 hours.

A huge congratulations to all our readers and read-to-ers and a great big “thank you!” to our numerous sponsors and donors.

Frosting Nose!

Jamie making planet cookies with Trax

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