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Thursday, October 11, 2012


I would like to share with you some of the favorite comments, questions, and exclamations that have occurred during LEGO Club over the past few months:

"We better get to playing."

Kid 1: "Approaching the cones...."
Kid 2: "How about we make it a pirate plane?"
Kid 1: "Naw. I don't care about that stuff. INCOMING!!!"

"Good sharing, friend!"

"Dad? Stay and build with me. I love you."

To me: "Mom doesn't have to stay." To her mom: "Go away, Mom!"

"Yeah. I know him. Wait, what's your name?"

"Bad news! We have to clean up!"

When asked his favorite thing to build: "Welllll..... I don't know. I don't really build anything. I CREATE."

During a LEGO scavenger hunt: "LOOOOK! There is a whole treasure over here! I won't take them all but you might want to hurry!"

Also during the scavenger hunt: Boy 1: "There is a LEGO on his eyeball!" Boy 2: "HAHAHA! Let's leave it on his eyeball! HAHAHA!" Adult from across the room: "Get that out of your eye!" Boy 1 and 2: "It's on a book, Mom!"

"I love LEGOS. More than pizza. No. Yes. Well, more than hamburgers."

Bring your kids down to LEGO Club for exciting adventures!

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