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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2nd Annual Puppet Show

What a hit! Thanks to all who helped make this year's puppet show a hit: our puppeteers Erin, Emily, and Aidan; the Library staff and volunteers; the community for helping spread the word and attending; the kids for being excited and participating during the show; parents and grandparents for getting their families to the Village Hall; and the many libraries who let us borrow their puppets for a few weeks.

The show consisted of a few puppet-only skits, audience participation songs, familiar songs done differently, dancing, instruments, and coloring personal dinosaur puppets to take home. Each child also went home with a felt puppet to decorate. 

Enjoy the photos and be sure to come next year!

Puppeteer Aidan relaxing before the show

Watching the puppets

Parley Garfield going around the crick

Puppeteers Emily and Erin showing off puppets

Coloring dinosaur stick puppets

LEGO Design Contest voting after the show

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