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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Black & White Storytime - March 4, 2015

I still have the sign-in board up. Children are completing the X, which helps them practice crossing the midline.
Good Morning Song

Book: Darkness Slipped In by Ella Burfoot

Song with egg shakers: Shaker Song by Debbie Doo Wop and Dynamite Dan

Book: Round Trip by Ann Jonas

Song: Scarves on Your Laps by Johnette Downing

Book: The Foggy, Foggy Forest by Nick Sharratt

Book: Black Meets White by Justine Fontes

Goodbye songs & Bubbles

During Playgroup, I had puppets made up. These were simple animal figures (yay for dye cuts!) glued to a popsicle stick. I set up our projector screen for a shadow puppet show! Each child could take home 2 of the puppets to play with at home. (Please excuse my messy "office." We lack space and my stuff has to go somewhere for easy use.)

I also had various objects out for crayon rubbings. I set out the book The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin for children to explore.

Next Week: Birds!

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