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Friday, December 2, 2011

Blankets Storytime

This is what the kids and I did during our November 30 Storytime @ the Library. It was a small group, but we had fun!

"Welcome Back" by Dr. Jean. Today we got our brains moving by wiggling our hands, arms, and head!

The Biggest Bed in the World by Lindsay Camp

"Scarves on Your Laps" by Johnette Downing - Scarves are like mini blankets!

Flora's Blanket by Deb Gliori

We sang "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"

Gordon's Got a Snookie by Lisa Shanahan - One parent giggled throughout this book!

Then we finished by acting out 10 in the bed with puppets. We only had 6 kids, so we started at six. Every time "one fell out," a child sat down. Then we pretended to sleep.

Goodbye songs: "Big Books, Little Books" and "The Other Day I Read a Book"

Next week, December 7: Bubbles and Bathtime! Free activity handout for all families!

A HUGE congratulations to all our families that participated in Falling for Books! You read OVER 100 books! Come celebrate a job well done after storytime on December 14 with snacks and a craft! See you there!

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