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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Homeschool Group

Are you a local family that has chosen to homeschool? If so, your input is needed! The Fall Creek Public Library will begin a Homeschool Group to meet once a month at 1:30pm, starting in February. We want this to be a group for YOU, your needs, your wants, your ideas.

In our brainstorming, we have come up with the following ideas:
-Each month host a new and unique art experience - make a mess here NOT at home!
-Focus on science experiments and discoveries, using microscopes and other fun equipment
-Adults can have adult time, sharing and learning from each other
-Offer a snack
-Contacting TV 18's weather school for their program at our Library
-Offering technology times - computers and equipment reserved just for YOU, including presentation possibilties. Have your kids work on presentation to give to a group of people!
-And more...

Please contact Jenna at or 7158773334 as soon as you can. We look foward to hearing from you! Please spread the word and we'll see you soon.

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  1. I forgot to mention that we have schedule the group to meet on the third Monday of the month, from 130-230pm. The date and time CAN be changed if enough people are unable to attend, but want to. Do contact me with your ideas!