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Monday, January 30, 2012

Opposite Day

This week Storytime was at both Little Lambs and the Library. Storytime at Little Lambs consists of 20 minutes of stories, songs, and games. This week's game at Little Lambs was playing follow the leader with multi-cultural puppets. I sang a song about opposites and they copied what I did (jump high, crouch low, run in place, stand still, etc.). The children got a big kick out of that! Now for the set-list:

Signs of the day were up and down.
"Hello, How are You" by Dr. Jean
Counting Rope
Here a Chick, There Chick by Bruce McMillan

Turn-Around by Hap Palmer on his CD, Getting to Know Myself

Black? White! Day? Night! by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

A quick Opposites Poem I made up. We acted it out with puppets they chose from the puppet tree.
Up, down, turn around.
In, out, turn about.
Here, there, everywhere.
Stand, sit. That's it.

I'm Big: A fun book of opposites by Neil Morris

Opposites by Greg & Steve on their CD, Fun & Games

Build it Up & Knock it Down by Tom Hunter

But Not the Hippopotumus by Sandra Boynton

We reviewed the signs of the day.
Goodbye Songs: "Big Book, Little Books" and "The Other Day"

Next week our theme is My Family. Storytime will NOW be at the Library at 9:30 am every Wednesday and repeated the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 330pm.

Don't forget about our spring reading-for-fun "Star Readers" program. Attend any storytime to earn your stars! Once the group reads 200 books we will have a party!

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