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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Parents' Night Out

Last night we gave parents a date night while and had our own kid-friendly party in the Library! We played games, ignored the Wii (!!!!), painted, made parent gifts, and instead of making sewn Valentine Cards....PUFF BALLS!

Thanks to the kids for being great listeners and making me laugh. Note: The kids told me I have to re-take math because I kept messing up the mats during Musical Mats!
 Mustache and Lips Suckers!

We made coffee holders for the parents.
 The intricate art of yarn puffballs.
We tossed yarn around for awhile :)

If you missed out on this Parents' Night Out, we plan to offer another one in May, June, or July.


  1. How cool! Was there an age range for the children---like ages 5 and up? Or no one over the age of 13?

  2. Hello Yram,

    Yes, we had an age limit of 5 and older. If we got to the point, I would have limited the number of children to 25 and would have recruited a volunteer if our attendance was 15 kids.

    This program I require pre-registration.