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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Storytime is BACK :) And so is playgroup! Setlist from February 4

Today, I borrowed a large motor kit and the Noisy Stories kit from IFLS. Our kids always love the added props that I don't have time to make or don't have the funds to purchase.

I now have a "sign in" graph for kids to practice making marks and counting. Right now I have them making lines. After a few weeks, I will change to completing a circle or something like that. Then I will change it again.

We have a new welcome song. It is Moving Hands from Very Ready Reading Program. It moves quickly and will provide a joyful challenge for some kids. I think it is already a hit - they smiled through the whole thing.

Book: Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

Song: Bingo

Book: Bob by Pearson. I used the rooster puppet from the IFLS kit. The kids helped me make the animal noises.

Music: 5 Bears in the Bed from Very Ready Reading Program music CD. I handed out egg shakers for this song. We rolled our arms or twirled. When a bear fell out of bed, we shook the egg shakers high up in the air down to the ground. Nobody dropped them! :)

Book: Wiggle Waggle by Jonathan London - Used the beanbags from the IFLS kit. Of course we acted it out.

Fingerplay: Old MacDonald with the finger mitt. Here a mom and child are playing with it during Playgroup afterwards.

Afterward, everyone could vote for their favorite story.

During playgroup, there were the storytime mitt, BINGO, scarves and eggs, and Dinosaur Vs. _______ out (see below) for them to explore. Of course, there is always our regular play items, dollhouse, and the puppets.

Poor picture - camera decided to clunk out on me so I had to use my computer. Anyway.... I display the completed drawings that are left in the basket, although I know some go home :)

I have Bob Shea's books on display, too.
Next Week: Caldecott Winners!


  1. Your storytimes look so fun, and are so smart, too!

  2. Thanks! It was great to have the kiddos back. Wednesdays are always my favorite day!