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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Zoo Storytime February 18

Had the whiteboard again - make a line and count how many people are here.

-Welcome Song
-Book: An Octopus Followed Me Home by Dan Yaccarino

-Parachute games and activities - We played popcorn with fingerpuppet animals. Then we sang this song:
In the jungle there's a monkey
Dancing to this groovy beat
All he wants is ripe bananas
All he wants is mango treats
So jump out
And jump in.
 We repeated it multiple times.

Book: Monkey & Me by Emily Gravett

Activity: Mimicking - I discussed this word and then we played Monkey See, Monkey Do. They copied random action I did.

-Song: Five Little Elephants Jumping On the Bed - I passed out our elephant puppet heads. You stick your arm in the hole to be the trunk. I mixed up the song so the elephants jumped, danced, swayed, stomped, etc on the bed.

Goodbye Song and Bubbles.

For Playgroup, I set out Pentominoes, the animal fingerpuppets, the big book Who Is the Beast?, and of course all the usual stuff that is always set out, including some new stuff!

Next Week: Dogs!

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