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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

After-School Library Camp: Marshmallows Day 1

On Monday, we had 5 children attend After-School Library Camp. We are focusing on marshmallows this week!

First, we introduced ourselves and shared our favorite marshmallow treat. Then, I read aloud "Little White Rabbit" by Kevin Henkes. Following the book, we had a snack of peanut butter cookies and marshmallow hot chocolate.

Next, we started our Dissolving Peeps Experiment. Using a variety of liquids, we are hoping to find out which one will dissolve a Peep the quickest (if at all!) and what happens to the Peeps over time. We placed 6 Peeps in 6 canning jars, then poured water, salt water, apple cider vinegar, soda, tea, and liquid hand soap in the jars. We made our guesses and will periodically check and note what is happening! Stay tuned!

Then, we used popsicles sticks and bunny peeps to paint: Painting with my Peeps. Look at the great art!

After most friends were finished with their art, I read Mary Jane Auch's book, "Eggs Mark the Spot."

Following the second story, the children had 35 minutes of free time. They could paint more, read quietly, build with LEGOs, or use the dollhouse, trainset, and puppets. I also gave them the option to do homework ;)

It was a great afterschool program and I am excited for the rest of the week's activities and snacks!

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